Septic Specialists

Bendigo Septic Tank Installer

Wilson Plumbing Bendigo specialises in septic tanks and sewage systems and are happy to help with your installation needs. We are a family-owned and operated business, with over 40 years' experience in the plumbing industry.

The right tank in the right spot

We’ll help you work out the best tank for your needs, and put it right where it should be.

Geared up with the right machinery

We own all the heavy machinery needed to excavate and install your tank.

Experienced tank installers

Our team have done it all before and we know how to get your tank right first time.

Septic tanks installed from $2560

site preparation • tank installation • connections

A standard septic tank installation on a good site, with soft soil and direct connections, is a two-day job for a crew of two. Non-standard installations might include longer distance from the home, difficult terrain or rocky ground and as such will require a site inspection and quote.

Need a septic tank?

We've have been installing septic tanks in the Bendigo and the Regional Victoria area for years.

We're pretty confident Wilson Plumbing Bendigo is the right choice for you. Just let us know your location, and we'll find the best spot for your tank and make all the connections. We work with local Council to make sure everything is within legal guidelines and We own all of the right machinery for the job.. With our expertise, you're guaranteed peace of mind.

Septic tank installations include several long passages diverting off that let the waste slowly seep into the ground; a natural composting process.

We've done it all before

We know that septic tanks are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We'll ask you the right questions and help you identify the best tank size and type for your needs. We'll also take care to locate it in the ideal spot while ensuring that all connections are done correctly and to code.

A winning installation is just a phone call away

Wilson Plumbing Bendigo has been installing septic tanks in Bendigo and its surrounds towns for years, so we know what we're doing. All of our work is fully insured, so you can trust us to do it right and ensure that your tank will be trouble-free for years to come.