We are Jayson and Gayle Wilson, a husband and wife team that established Wilson Plumbing Bendigo in 2018. We're equal parts plumbers and equal parts good humans, so we'll fix your plumbing issue and still make you laugh.

With Jayson in the lead, our team of quality, hardworking, friendly guys has over 45 years of combined experience. Our goal is to help you out, as soon as possible, with as little fuss as possible.

We are the kind of plumbers that will come to your home early in the morning on our day-off just to help you out because we know how important it is that you have a functional toilet! So when you call us in your time of need - we'll be there with a smile on our face knowing that we did our job.

We also believe that being polite is really not difficult: if we can't make it we’ll let you know, if we are running behind we’ll send you a courtesy message. How hard is that? Answer: it’s not!

Ultimately, our biggest feedback is how nice and neat our plumbers are, and how comfortable and safe people feel having them in their home. So if you sometimes feel nervous about having people in your home then you can rely on Wilson Plumbing Bendigo to put your mind at ease.

Well-mannered and just all-round good blokes, we are plumbers you can count on.

Meet the Team!

We always strive to deliver the best service, even if it means getting our hands dirty.

You’re in good hands with our friendly and experienced team. We care about what we do and believe in providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we produce, and will go the extra mile to make sure that you get exactly what you need.



Jayson is the business owner. He is an easy going family man, and a natural leader. Jay cares about his work and wants to make sure you are happy.


Years Experience

Jayson has been a plumber for 22 years now and has worked hard over the years to build his reputation and to gather a great team around him. The only thing he loves more than a job well done, is his family and Golf.. not necessarily in that order sometimes.

These days you’ll usually find Jay behind on the machinery in the Excavator or at your front door: he’s the head of Wilson Plumbing Bendigo and really proud of his team and what they have created together.

Jay’s other great loves are Golf, the NBA, Seinfeld, and Guns n Roses — really anything 90’s! He might not admit it, but he’s got a soft spot for Bill Murray and Chevy Chase movies too!

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Will has been with us from day one. He is our New Home Specialist. Will is a very neat plumber and also a kind-hearted bloke with plenty of experience.


Years Experience

Will shines when fitting out new homes, where cleanliness and attention-to-detail are paramount. He’s been with Wilson Plumbing Bendigo from the very start and we wouldn’t be where we are today without his willingness to get things done..

Will is just a lovely loyal bloke, liked by all. He’s humble and kind and has a way of instantly reassuring our customers. With Will you just know you’re in very safe hands.

When he’s not carefully installing your immaculate new appliances, Will loves to watch movies and – dare we say it – he goes for Collingwood like Jay!

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Tom’s our maintenance specialist. A no-nonsense guy and a natural problem solver, Tom will tell you why it’s broke and how he’s gonna fix it.


Years Experience

If you’ve got a plumbing problem at home, Tom’s your man. You name it, he’s seen and fixed it. 

Tom loves to find a solution to your plumbing problems. He’ll tell you how it is and won't stuff you around. Full of knowledge, tidy and thoughtful, our customers tell us Tom is simply a pleasure to have in their homes.

Tom shares Jay’s nostalgic streak, he loves the retro gaming and 90' movies. Also beer, Tom loves Beer!

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Known to many as "Mrs. Wilson Plumbing Bendigo”, Gayle is Jayson's wife.  Master of the behind-the-scenes “office stuff”.


Years Experience

Gayle is often at the other end of Wilson Plumbing Bendigo, you may have received an email from her or seen one of her social media posts, spotted our logo at your local sporting club, or maybe heard her on the radio for the Plumbing Ads on KLFM or maybe you've watched one of the beloved Story Time videos. Well, then you’ve seen Gayle’s work.

Some of what she does is invisible and thankless, but occasionally Gayle gets to boss the boss around – I mean she’s “Mrs Wilson Plumbing Bendigo” for a reason!

Gayle has been a hairdresser since 1998 but has also has really enjoyed learning all about the construction and plumbing industry alongside Jayson over the last 22years. 

Gayle freely admits that she collects way too many plants and crystals. This girl seriously loves rocks!

Gayle sings in a choir, practices yoga, and loves to travel – especially to waterfalls and swimming holes. But ultimately her heart belongs to her kids and her hubby, along with the family's goofy golden retriever Tessa.

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Our Values

We love your home as much as you do

Your home is your biggest asset and we treat your home as if it were our own.

Friendly tradies who really care

We love our job. We don’t turn up because we have to, but because we want to be here.

Consistent quality and reliability

Plumbers you can rely on for a top-notch finish and totally reliable delivery of service.

Education and knowledge sharing

Sharing our insights helps you maintain your own home, avoid problems, and save money.

Part of Your Community

Giving back is in our bones, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We’re active in our local community, sponsoring sporting groups and getting actively involved in exciting fundraising initiatives. We live here too, and we love to give back to help make our city a better place.

Proud Supporters of the Maiden Gully YCW Eagles Football Club

2020 - Current

We love being a part of grassroots junior footy in Bendigo. We sponsor our local club to help make sure the kids have the supplies they need.

Wilson Plumbing has been consistently sponsoring the Maiden Gully YCW Eagles Football Club since 2020. We’ve been side-by-side with the club through some really challenging times and we look forward to a long-running partnership into the future.

The Maiden Gully footy community has a genuinely happy and welcoming feel with great humble coaches. We love being a part of the rewards program to celebrate the kids with end of game vouchers to the Blitz Bakery. 

Looking for Jayson at the game? Chances are you’ll find him out on the field, either volunteer umpiring or waving the white flags!

Supporting the Maiden Gully Lions Cricket Club Since 2020

2020 - Current

Being a part of the local cricket club is a great way for us to help support the club to supply the kids with the equipment they need.

The Maiden Gully Lions Cricket Club are a lovely bunch of families all coming together for the love of the game. Camp chairs and cool drinks are a must!

Since 2020 we have provided much-needed sponsorship to help the cricket club to provide supplies and equipment that aren't covered by player fees. It makes us feel great to help out such an important part of our local community.

Silver Sponsor for the Neangar Park Golf Club 2022 Pro Am


This year we've started supporting the fabulous Neangar Park Golf Club on the outskirts of Eaglehawk.

The Neangar Park Golf Club is a strong and proud golf club with beautiful greens and a bevvy of friendly faces. They host a range of exciting tournaments throughout the year, including the super-fun Adidas Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Wilson Plumbing Bendigo is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 2022 Pro Am. You’ll find us at the 7th tee and Jayson will be trying his hardest this year and competing too!

Social Media Post Raises $4000 for Sunshine Bendigo


In 2021 we gathered support from businesses around Bendigo to assist Sunshine Bendigo to continue their wonderful work.

Sunshine Bendigo is a humble group of local volunteers that receive quality donations from local stores and many individuals within the community of baby and childrens furniture, clothing, toys, books and hygiene products.

This group of volunteers then clean, sort and package up aid products that go directly back into the community to the vulnerable families needing instant help and support. The tricky bit about running these kinds of operations is the expense of shedding and the bills.

So we reached out to other bendigo business and said “hey, here’s this great group and we’d love to organise a financial drive to help them”. And wow did the community come out! We raised roughly $4000 from one little social media post!

Hilarious Candles Raise Money for Impact Recovery

2021 - Current

We created a range of funny dunny candles with toilet humour jokes. 100% of sales goes straight to Impact Recovery helping them to purchase gym memberships for their residents.

Impact Recovery group is a local Bendigo Organisation that has live-in counselling and recovery for men and women healing from a variety of different addictions.

Live-in support helps to break down patterns that have led to a life that is causing misery for the individuals. It creates a safe space for harmony, emotional support, life coaching that helps make changes for the future.

We wanted to support this life-changing work, and we did so the only way we could think of: candles with potty-humour jokes! Makes sense right?!?

Proud Sponsors of KLFM Community Radio

2021 - Current

We are proud to be a station sponsor for Golden Square's KLFM Community Radio.

KLFM is a local community radio station playing all the classics and oldies.

A well-loved and consistent station that airs nationally, operating out of Golden Square in Bendigo.

We are proud to be a station sponsor at KLFM.

Sunday Story Time During COVID Lockdown


Reading stories about bums, poos and farts lights up lockdown for local primary school aged kids.

Sunday Story Time is a little feature we run on our Wilson Plumbing Bendigo social media pages. Gayle takes to Facebook and Instagram to read funny children’s books that are related to plumbing… well sort of… bum / poo / toilets / busting to go to the toilet / bath time and of course farts!

The feedback from kids that watch the videos is that they “love it” and “Crack up laughing”

“I love Storytime - it has farts and bums and all the funny stuff”
—Sarah, age 4

What's the Difference?

We help you save money and headaches by learning the best ways to take care of your plumbing.

We know the importance of maintaining your property, so while we’re there fixing your blocked drains or leaky taps, we provide all of the information you need to know about plumbing and home maintenance, so that maybe next time you won’t need us at all!

Doing your part

You spend a lot of money on your property, let us help you keep it in tiptop shape!  We'll show you why plumbing problems happen, what you can do to avoid them in the future, and how to properly maintain your system. You'll know when it's time for a plumber; and when it is, we've got someone for the job.

Do you know the cost of not getting it fixed?

We're experts in plumbing maintenance and prevention, so we know the cost of not getting something fixed in time. That's why we're here to give you some tips on how to avoid some of these problems altogether.

This is all just part of our mantra of going that extra mile and it’s the reason why we are called back time and time again by so many of our longtime customers. Discover the Wilson Plumbing Bendigo difference for yourself and give us a call today.