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Bendigo Blocked Drainage Storm Water Plumbing

Poor drainage can cause damage to your garden and house foundations, and can even lead to conflict with your neighbours. Wilson Plumbing Bendigo are experts at clearing blocked drain pipes, repairing collapsed drains, and improving overall drainage.

We'll get your drains cleared in no time

Regardless of what is blocking your drains, we know how to get your pipes running clear again.

Repair or replace damaged pipes

Whether its root damage, age, or an overeager shovel, we can repair or replace your broken drainage pipes.

Improve drainage to prevent issues

Lawn or gardens soggy in winter? Neighbours angry about runoff? Let us help you fix your drainage problems.

Fast and efficient excavation

We've got the right machinery to get the job done quickly and cleanly.

Drainage repair callouts from $120

Drain Clearing • Storm Water Repairs • Drainage Planning

A drain blockage or repair callout can cost as little as $120 + materials, so give us a bell and let us know what you need. Larger drainage projects will require a site assessment and quote.

Clean drain, happy brain!

We are Bendigo's drain and drainage experts

Install drains, clear drains, repair drains, replace drains, drain drains – we are the local blokes who know drains! Trust me, we've seen it ALL before! So don't fret about your poor drainage, soggy lawn, angry downhill neighbour, backed up toilet, or flooded garage (maybe fret a LITTLE about that last one!) – we got you!

Get the right drain in the right place.

Drainage services

We offer a full suite of drain plumbing services: if you've got a drain problem, we can fix it!

Storm water drain clearing

It really is important that your property properly handles storm water runoff. Even if we ignore the grumpy bloke next door, you don't want poor drainage affecting your garden, eroding embankments, or in the most extreme cases, irreparably damaging your home's foundations.

So before it becomes a major headache, get in touch with the friendly team at Wilson Plumbing Bendigo and we will clear your storm water drains and make sure they are running freely in readiness for the next epic downpour.

Sewer drainage

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it! These famous words ring in our ears every time we get neck-deep in a sewage drain that is seriously clogged! Seriously though: if you have a problem with sewage drainage, don't sit on it (pardon the pun!) – call us now and we'll clear your sewers in no time.

Drain repairs

Many things can damage your drains, from the classic stray shovel, to something as insidious as a stubborn tree root. If your drains are in need of repairs, we will employ the simplest, low-cost solution to get your drains running free again.

Drain replacement

Sometimes worse really does come to worst, and your drains just have to be replaced. This is especially prevalent in historic parts of Bendigo where drainage could have been laid over half a century ago.

If you're in need of full drain replacement, we are here to help. We will assess your site and find the easiest, least obtrusive and low-cost solution to remove the old drainage and replace it with high quality modern drains.

Drainage works

Some drainage issues are more broad, and require a sound understanding of water flows and how to ensure the best drainage in Bendigo's highly variable weather conditions. It might not flood here all that often, but when it does, do you really want to be caught out with inadequate drainage and a flooded garage (or worse!)?

Our team has extensive experience in planning and installing drainage systems, from new homes to renovations, and improvements to achieve better drainage on your property. So give us a bell and have a chat about what you need.