Efficient and Hygienic

Bendigo Hot Water System Installation

If you're experiencing leaking, corroding or brown water from your hot water system, then you may need a new hot water system. We offer a wide range of gas, electric or instantaneous systems and can also help with old tank removal.

Consistent hot water for the whole family

Let us help you get a strong, consistent flow of hot water to keep everyone happy.

Advice on the best unit for you

We'll explain the pros and cons of different options and take the confusion out of it all.

Gas, electric or instantaneous

Gas and electric options available in instantaneous or traditional models.

Removal of your hold hot water tank

We can remove and dispose of your old hot water system. It's all part of the service.

New hot water systems from $1500

experienced professionals • new systems • expert advice

If you need a new hot water system then we can provide expert advice and competitive prices for supply and install.

Home is where the heat is...

Complete services for hot water system supply and installation.

Hot water is fundamental for your home so making sure your hot water system is running effectively and hygienically is very important.

Hot water problems? No worries!

If you're experiencing leaking, brown water, or corrosion - don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We'll work out whether your hot water system can be repaired and if you need a new unit we will help you choose the best unit for your home and budget.

Gas or electric hot water units?

There are so many options nowadays – gas, electric, tank storage or instantaneous – and our team is well versed in all of the major technologies and brands. We can guide you to make the best choice of unit for your daily needs, weather it's gas or electric or a traditional storage unit or an instantaneous unit.

Not all systems are the same and we can explain the pros and cons of each option. We want to take the confusion out of it for you.

Quick and easy installation

When it comes to installing your new hot water system, the changeover will be quick and easy and we can even remove your old tank for you.